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June 22, 2011

I love everything about summer. Salty skin, messy hair, lazy day freedom, sunset porch sittings, and-most importantly- the abundance of fresh, crisp fruits and vegetables. During this season, I cannot get enough of them. Raw, sweet peas dipped in fresh hummus, crisp arugula and watermelon salads drizzled with tart balsamic vinegar. Lately, I have spent a majority of my time exploring farmers markets, finding fresh ingredients to play with. On a recent trip I picked up these perfect asparagus, along with some pink radishes and sweet sugar snap peas. After debating what to do with them, I decided on one thing: nothing. Present them in all their glory-fresh, crisp, and at the peak of their season. This ribbon salad is delicate and cool with a surprising bite from the mustard seeds. I could (and probably will) eat it every day until the last asparagus has been plucked from the dirt. And for the bulgur salad-I just couldn’t imagine throwing away the beautiful tips of these stalks. Served them in small cups and you have the perfect pre-dinner snack. I hope yall enjoy!

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  1. Leigh Parker permalink
    June 22, 2011 12:14 am

    oooo give me a shot of something healthy!

  2. June 22, 2011 3:23 am

    looove the shot! yum, I need asparagus in the house!

  3. anonymous critic permalink
    July 1, 2011 3:22 am


    LOOOOVE the blog. It is so fun to read while i actually have spare time on my hands. BUT, is it true that asparagus makes your urine smell slightly “funky”?? Please let me know if i am out of line. i just love your blog so very much.

    anonymous critic

  4. August 26, 2011 1:31 am

    beautiful pictures! the colors are amazing

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