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Biscuits & Bellinis

May 16, 2011

To me, nothing makes me more happy than a flute of bubbly accompanied by homemade nibbles to snack on. In fact, I am pretty sure that if you asked any of my friends or members of my family what defines me, they would probably reply with an answer that included the words “sun, champagne and grazing (I admittedly eat like a bird-often & in small portions-which is where the term grazing came in). Nothing could make me more happy than enjoying good food in the sun with people I love. And there is a reason champagne is used to symbolize celebration. Bubbles make us happy, and make our hearts flutter just a little faster.

Last week I celebrated a beautiful, warm Spring day with mint & pear bellinis. Then, because we just needed something to nibble on, I whipped up my best southern biscuits and could not have been happier. I recommend yall trying this soon. You will not be disappointed. Other things on my mind lately:

everything nautical

cherry blossoms in mason jars

roasted beets

chocolate soymilk

wild grape hyacinth flowers

really, REALLY crunchy peanut butter

eating really exotic foods (such as kangaroo)

french press pot coffee

white lace

beer tasting

cut-off shorts

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  1. Leigh Parker permalink
    May 18, 2011 3:24 am

    you’re right, everything bubbly and nautical reminds me of you, i’ve always said that! i believe i’m the luckiest girl in the whole wide world because i get to see you in 2 days! you know what that means??.. we have to make these biscuits and bellinis as soon as the plane lands! yummm… i’m craving!

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